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sanskrit websites

These Websites are developned by Mr. Ranade (Father of my friend)
Looks interesting
www.mymarathi. com
--"shripad dixit"

"Pradeep K.Ratnaparkhi"
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Hello all, I am the son of a sanskrit scholar, Late Shri A.R. RATNAPARKHI, who had written a novel in Sanskrit (named KUSUMLAKSHMI) and one booking containing one-act plays (named SAMVADMALA). Kusumlakshmi was in the MA course of Rajasthan University in sixties and the book Samvadmala was in the course of BA in Meerut University in middle sixties. The book Kusumlakshmi, is said to be the first novel (originally written in Sanskrit), the book Samvadmala is a book of teaching day to day conversation in sanskrit, like Rapidex English Speaking Course for English.
Sanskrit is said to be the most accurate language grammatically too. It is unfortunate that India, where the sanskrit language was in use during its golden era, has been put aside. But some other countries like Germany are really making use of this language in learning science from the Veda's.
There may be many more such book hidden in the libraries, book stores - without any future. Our effort should be to promote the language and bring it back to its golden period, because it will then bring golden period for India again.
It is long time since my email about sanskrit. Now we
have moved somewhat ahead, though not speedily.
Pl visit
and get back with your suggestions.
you can call me at 022-22844658-res
or 022-22843711-off
--- Abhijeet Godbole
> Dear Leena Mehendale Madam
>> I hope you may remember me. We had met many times
> when we used to come for promotion of Indian Science
> Congress in your office at PCRA.
>> I have gone thru your note on Promotion of Sanskrit
> and would like to be a active member for the same.
> My interest area and where I hope I can be helpful
> is into managing Advertising and Press Relations
> which are my core areas for last 18 years. Currently
> I am in Delhi and would look after the Press
> Promotions & Relations for this Mission here from
> Delhi.
>> If I can be of any help for this social cause please
> give me the opportunity to join your MISSION.
>> Also would like to know your current address and
> contact numbers if possible as I had heard that now
> you are in Mumbai.
>> Regards
>> From :
> Abhijeet Vasant Godbole
> Marketing Manager - North
> Dalal Street Investment Journal Magazine
> New Delhi
> Mobile : 98681-70020
http://www.samartha gatha/manacheshl ok/SHOLK- 1.swf
Dear Yashpal
pls inform Ms Mehendale, i m unable to send msg thru her site.There are certain things about sanskrit.
i had attempted to work on animal language. This is known as inter Species Communication i.e non human communicating back to human in human language. In sanskrit there is mention of YONI ANTAR BHASHA. If you translate it into english you actually get word Inter Species Communication.
It was was my interest in learning languages which had taken me to this world of animal language. While learning these languages i use to keep visualisng there correspndings in Lut Lakar, Langh Lakar, Lot Lakar etc. or the Dev,Nadi Roopaaks etc.
i shall certainly be glad to assist in what ever way possible to the best of my knowledge and capacities.

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