सोमवार, 20 जनवरी 2014

Activities from Oct 2013 to Dec 2913

Arvind Yadav -- Planning about Bhaskaracharya 700th centinary.
Rohini attended 2 meetings. Drafted the MoU and sent -- No progress on MoU, orally association is agreed to. Yadav has reported progress on

and sent the email-list of teachers who are associated with prog.
FB announcement of Prog. but no plg yet for spardha.

Ayurved activities
Association with Arogya Bharati Goa -- Dr Mahesh, Dr Ghume, Ramesh Gautam,-- 2 meetings
Dr Bhide and sanjay Barve -- 1 meeting

Gau Activities
keynote speaker at Nagpur Conf. arranged by Srinivas Rao and others on --
Article on condition of cows --Hindi published in Abhivyakti-Anubhuti and in Dharohar (Tiwari- Delhi)
Article on the 3-tier living system developed into ppt. for Nagpur conf..

Education Activities 
Met Kishore Tokekar Subodh Kumar and Tiwari in Delhi.-- Disc on Vivekanand Kendra activities and Gau-activities.

VC's Conf at Delhi -- Key-note speaker on Education in respect of women.-- on ---
Sanskrit Activities-- 
Meeting with Sanskrit Bharati Goa branch -- paradkar, Amshikar,   -----(?) on ---
Meeting withAmshikar, Anagha deshpande and later with Usha Pathak to discuss TV program on Panaji DD--
Disc with BORI, Nagarhayatkar and Panse and Vasantrao.
Opening a Sanskrit-medium branch for Std 1 in Marathi medium schools.
Disc. with Vinay Joshi and Moreshwar Rathore

Their sanskrit teacher's Meet -- On 19th -- Presented 2 ideas. About DD show and the Sanskrit school.. Met NandKumar,AI Mahamantri and others.
INSCRIPT activities
Dir of Languages and Bhattikar and Seema.

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