गुरुवार, 26 दिसंबर 2013

पठामि संस्कृतम्

पठामि संस्कृतम्

भाग १ 

एकधा दशधा चैव शतधा च सहस्रधा।

रणे पार्थशरोवृष्टिर्दानं ब्रह्मविधे यथा॥

Meaning : A gift given to a knowledgeable (one who knows brahman) person is like the arrow of Arjuna in the battlefield! When taken, it is single; when set to the bow, ten; when released, a hundred; on the way, a thousand; and when hitting the target, becomes a shower!

वदनं प्रसादसदनं सदयं हृदयं सुधामुचो वाच: |
करणं परोपकरणं येषां केषां न ते वन्द्या: ||
-- A person whose face is always charming/enthusiastic, heart is full of compassion, speech is like nectar and whose work is to help the needy; such a person will always be respected by all.

षड् गुणा: पुरुषेणेह  त्यक्तव्या न कदाचन  |
सत्यं दानम् अनालस्यम् अनसूया क्षमा धॄति: ||
-- A person should never give up following six qualities: sticking on to truth, generosity, activeness, being free from jealousy, tolerance and Confidence.

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