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HP Rao Akella --

There is cear description of 27 stars in the braahmaNa part of kRShNa YajurvEda. 
Not only the description of names, but also their divine characteristic aspects are furnished in this section. The chapter starts with mantra- 
Agnirnah paatu krittikaah 
अग्निर्नः पातु कृत्तिकाः 
This reference of krittikaas in the opening itself has given rise to a lot of research. This resulted in the opinion of some historians that the KRShNa YajurvEda was composed when the krittikaas are the presiding stars with respect to the earth. Thus dating of Vedas has become an important topic for vedic research. 
Veda is formed with the combination of mantra portion and braahmaNa portion. The mantra portion mainly concentrates on devata and dravya ( the materials associated with sacrificial processes).The braahmaNa portion comprises of statements of vidhi (do’s ) and niShEdha (don’ts) types. 
A section of the critics have been arguing that the brahmaNa portion is like a commentary and hence the former (i.e. brahmaNa portion ) cannot be taken as part of vEda , but it may be given the status of puraaNa. However the above argument is rejected by the traditionalists. They state that it cannot be denied the status of vEda just because the brahmaNa portion is like a commentary. In support of their argument, they quote that the Patanjali’s mahaabhaaShya is also called VyaakaraNa shaastra though it is commentary to original ‘AShThaadhyaayi’ of PaaNini. Similarly the commentary of Vaatsaayana to nyaaya sootras is also given the status of nyaaya shaastra. Further the traditionalists quote the Asvalaayana sootra which mentions brahmaNa and puraaNa separately. 
Atha svaadhyaayamadheeyeeta rchO yajoogmShi saamaani atharvaangirasO braahmanNaani ………. itihaasapuraaNaani. 
अथ स्वाध्यायमधीयीतर्चो यजूगम्षि सामानि अथर्वाङ्गिरसो ब्राह्मणानि .......इतिहासपुराणानि 
The nyaaya darshana declares that the subject matter of manthra and brahmaNa portions is called ‘yaJna’, where as the subject matter of Itihaasaas and puraaNaas is called ‘lokavritta’. 
यज्ञो मन्त्र ब्राह्मणस्य लोकवृत्तमितिहासस्य 
yajnO mantrabraahmaNasya LokavRttamitihaasasya 
In recent times , say during the last two centuries , Svaami Dayaananda Saraswati and his followers made a strong contention that only samhitaa part constitutes vEda, but notr braahmaNa part. They continue their tirade against brahmaNa portions as they have several references regarding animal sacrifice. 
However , this propositions is vehemently countered by Raja Siva Prasad and Kalu Ramasastri who strongly defended the traditional opinion. They maintain that the concept of of violence is to be analysed properly. Just because some words indicating violence are foumd in BraahmaNaas , they cannot be denied the status of being part of vEdas. Even mantra portions have such words. If that argument is pursued , even mantra portion of Vedas also have to be denied the status of ‘parts of vEdas’. 
Then there will be no portion will be left which can be called vEdas. 
These posts on Krishna yajurveda are taken from a book named " THE SPLENDOR OF KRISHNA YAJURVEDA" WRITTEN BY DR. REMELLA AVADHANULU.

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