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REVIVAL OF SANSKRIT and Sanskriti – Need these Urgent Strategies

REVIVAL OF SANSKRIT and Sanskriti – Need these Urgent Strategies

Sanskrit is not just a language but an inexhaustible treasure of knowledge. If we allow this to be lost we will be swept backward in the pursuit of knowledge. Bharteey Sanskriti is not just another culture, but some well-thought-out practises for nation-building. Do we firmly believe that our Sanskritik practices are capable of rebuilding the nation without the crutches borrowed from the West? What do we owe to Sanskrit and Sanskriti ? What values should we inculcate among the children and the youth and how do we do it? What strategies do we plan ? What Time-Frame ?

What we owe to Sanskrit
चतुर्विधा भजन्ते माम् -- Four Aspects– Emotional approach by people , Intellectual approach , Research-related, Networking
Strategies Needed –
1) Immidiate re-starting of Sanskrit in schools – Builds up the emotional and unifying appeal of sanskrit.
2) Intellectual Appeal – Revamp University Syllabi to allow multi-disciplinary studies – such as combining Physics with Sanskrit and so on. Revival of Gurukuls for traditional learning, (as the almost-extinct-Acharya-tradition of Mithilanchal) is essential for reaching very high levels of learning.
3) For networking -- Heavy use of TV, Radio, Social Media – Focus on Media-personalities and their knowledge of Sanskrit, and their appreciation of above four aspects.
4) Forming research Teams with multiple specialities for a speedier impact. Distinct Research strategies needed for Humanities and Science streams. Field Researches needed for impact Analysis.
5) Revamp the Sanskrit syllabi to promote a) teaching of sanskrit in either sanskrit or Indian languages
b) Comparison of grammar of at least one Bharateey Bhasha with grammer of Sanskrit should be integral to syllabi as it strenthens the bond between languages
c) include subject-wise texts in the course-material prescribed for Sanskrit such as Vidur-Niti, Swastha-Vritta, ArthaShastra by Chanakya, Vedic Ganit etc.
What we owe to Sanskriti ---
1) It is the Bharteey Sanskriti that speaks of intimate relationship and harmony between Prakriti and Purusha – hence the preservation of mountains, forests, rivers, trees – their personification and protection.
2) The human journey from KOHAM to SOHAM starts with a questioning mind – the realm of Buddhi -- and can be completed in the realm of Anubhuti – Hence the need of Guru, hence the Mahima of Guru.
3) The supreme value of Satya –without which no knowledge can spread and also the Ahimsa, Astey, Brahmchary and Aparigrah.
4) Concept of Tyag, Daan, Yadnya – The spiritual side of equitable wealth-distribution.
5) Temples – The centres of learning for beginners and centers of excellence for the artist
6) Atithi Devo Bhav, Annam Bahu Kuryat--- Such Mantras given to us by our Vedic Vankmay are the key for good social order and contribute to Nation building.
7) Health – through the well-being of Annamay, Pranmay, Manomay, Vidynanmay and Anandmay Kosh.
How do we inculcate these values for the benefit of Vyashti and Samashti.
Such are some questions that come to mind when we ponder on what do we owe to Bharateey Sanskriti. How did our Poorvaj ensure inculcation of these values generation after generation and are we adequately fulfilling the responsibility of our generation to inculcate these values ?

Two best known tools for re-engineering any social order are EDUCATION and MEDIA. Hence both these tools must be re-formed to be useful in Nation-building in above manner. In addition we also need field-research to do impact-assessment. For example when it is claimed that Ramraksha Stotra can correct the speech-defects, we need to actually carry out research in the schools for speech-impaired children. We also need to prepare a long list of such field-research ideas and promote young generation to take up them.
In brief the Strategies would focus on
a) revamping system of education in multiple ways as above
b) Media and media personnel should be readied for mass appeal
c) Promote realisation among younger generations the need and practises for preservation of Sanskrit and Sanskriti
d) Heavy focus on Research – both Theoretical and Field-research –in a multi-disciplinary way.
e) Strenthen the bond between Sanskrit and all those Bharateey and Asian languages which share te same Varnamala and hence a comparable vocabulary as Sanskrit .

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