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Synopsis Using Media for Promotion of Sanskrit

Using Media for Promotion of Sanskrit

Sanskrit is mentioned in the 8 th schedule of Indian Constitution as one of the Modern Indian Languages. The traditional methods available for promoting Sanskrit are scholastic, syllabus-oriented and formal. They need to be supported by informal methods, particularly use of media, such as TV and Radio channels, Internet, U-Tube, Social Networking Sites and Print Media.
This article discusses these methods, with emphasis on TV and Radio, which have similar impact as the broadcast method in Agriculture, namely reaching a vast area in one batch.

Why use the modern media and How ? What policy guidelines will be needed /helpful ? What are the Do’s and Don’t’s ? What is the importance of effective Feedback and how to ensure that ? These are some questions that will be handled here.

Sanskrit has a huge treasure of knowledge –we need to explore it,
People interested in Sanskrit are of 4 categories –
• Peripheral learners, students etc who want some shlokas, some quick-learning lessons, a bit of grammar, and vocabulary so that when they read a small passage, they can savor its beauty and contents
• Somewhat deep learner, not very keen on language itself but wanting to know from the vast treasure of knowledge contents in Sanskrit
• Great scholars, keen on attaining further heights as well as giving their acquired wisdom to others, researchers, institutions etc.
• Those who can combine this treasure of knowledge with modern sciences to generate and carry out Research Ideas.
The informal method can cater to their needs and promote Networking as will be discussed in this article.

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