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A Trust and a TV serial as a part of plan for revival of sanskrit

A Trust and a TV serial as a part of plan for revival of sanskrit

Hello everyone,

We want to start TV serial on Sanskrit. This serial is part 1 of a bigger plan.

For benefiting from the vast treasure of knowledge available in Sanskrit, a holistic approach and a dedicated mission is needed. Following objects are important.....
1) Preserve and study this ancient huge knowledge bank.
2) Felicitate Experts and those who have preserved the knowledge in various ways.
3) Propogate learning teaching and use of Sanskrit.
4) Associate with modern tools and take forward.
5) Consolidate this vast treasure from its scattered sources.
6) Authenticate by testing some premises. Today it is easiest to try so in Ayurved because these premises are stated in more concrete terms in Ayurved. But there are many more in mathematics, science, astronomy, geography, social sciences too.
7) Bring out areas where the premises can be applied in modern science and societal functions.
Hence the bigger plan is required.(Pl read " Revival of Sanskrit" on my web site )

This paper will focus on the TV serial. We need
a) funds .. to be collected by a trust KAUSHALAM which we are shortly registering. Smt. Vrinda Gupte of Pune, a qualified MBA and Shri Mukund Kulkarni of Sangli, an environment consultant, are the founder trustees. My son, Hrishikesh currently in UK has donated a sum of Rs 100001 for the corpus.
The name KAUSHALAM comes from Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam… the pronouncement made in Bhagvadgeeta, the first ever philosophy cherishing WORK EFFICIENCY as UNION with GOD
b) producer and a channel... promise received – they have said free or concession rates.
c) office .. ie a boss who is "can do all at all times" type... (who offers to take up the task -- ????????)
+ space + eqipment + men... initially a select group has offered their services.. for a few weeks.
d) artist types for new ideas and designs – we will require truckloads of ideas.
e) subject experts – as they are so few, everyone who can provide some addresses and contacts are welcome.
f) website... Any good web designer--?? Pl offer your services FREE

We seek more and more volunteers. Everyone to put up his STICK to lift the GOVARDHAN, (though LORD kRISHNA is yet to arrive.)

The TV serial:
Design of the TV serial is very crucial as it must be educating and entertaining both.
It is planned for 30 min. everyweek.
It is for various audience groups.
It has SANSKRIT -PATH, a small self learning exercise, a segment to introduce an expert or a subject or a granth, a segment to suggest research ideas, a section for performing students, viewer-opinion.. and further as per viewers’ ideas.
It will ensure free flow of suggestions and large participation of audience, especially those who do not have much knowledge of Sanskrit but will seek to benefit.
Why and what of TV serial Sanskrit ki duniya
No copyright. All ideas, concepts, visions and plans described here are free to all. Anyone can copy, reproduce, preach, assimilate, practice or produce by taking clues from these ideas.
Why a serial
A weekly serial will keep our continuous presence before public.
Viewers like it as it offers tremendous flexibility to them, thus avoiding to make demands on their time – they may decide that it is very interesting and hence participate or see with interest and remember and talk to others, or see for entertainment and forget or ignore to see , but it will all be their wish.

Why and what shall we do for Sanskrit through the TV serial Sanskrit ki duniya. ?

1. If Indians don’t do then who will do? Hence our decision
2. Sanskrit has a huge treasure of knowledge – to explore it
3. Father was a Sanskrit scholar, and only when he was no more did we realize what a treasure of knowledge in Sanskrit was lost. There are many more scholars like him, advancing in their age. We must facilitate and ensure the flow of their knowledge to appropriate receipients.
4. People interested in Sanskrit are of 3 categories –
· Peripheral learners, students etc who want some shlokas, some quick-learning lessons, a bit of grammar, and vocabulary so that when they read a small passage, they can savor its beauty and contents
· Somewhat deep learner, not very keen on language itself but wanting to know from the vast treaure of knowledge contents in Sanskrit
· Great scholars, keen on attaining further heights as well as giving their acquired wisdom to others, researchers, institutions etc.
5. We would build up network among all those who are doing good work for Sanskrit. Hence emphasis will not be on telling the world that we are doing a great job but to tell world what all great jobs are being done by all those people for whom the network will be created.
6. why would the youth learn Sanskrit – 1 prominent reason is the growing of market economy. With MNCs wanting to capture Indian market and also trying to source their raw-material and production from India, they need a middle-management that can deal with customers and workers both in Indian languages. They would need to use icons, symbols and philosophies which are essentially Indian. Hence the knowledge of Sanskrit and its treasures of wisdom is necessary. Example I would like to quote is the high TRP for Aaj Tak’x program Tej Tare. This is also important because wherever they go in India these icons, symbols and philosophies are the same.
7. That is why learning Sanskrit and becoming the champion of our rich cultural heritage are not very far from each other.
8. Involve Senior citizens to once again build up the tradition of story-telling to build up the bond between them and their third generation. For this we shall begin with the stories of Mahabharat, the world’s largest epic.

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